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Supporting a Croatian hospital hit by recent earthquake

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Supporting a Croatian hospital hit by a recent earthquake

On 29 th December 2020, the Sisak- Moslavina County in Croatia was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake which caused immense damages to buildings and structures in the cities of Sisak, Petrinja, and the surrounding areas.

Seismic activity
hampers repairs

The ongoing subsequent earthquakes are further destabilising the area and hindering attempts to repair what has not already been reduced to rubble. One of the many affected structures is the General Hospital “Dr. Ivo Pedišić” in Sisak. The buildings in the hospital complex have suffered extensive damage, the Gynaecology ward being the only one that remained mostly unaffected, along with the ground floor of the Neurology/Paediatrics building, as well as Surgery and Dialysis wards. Most other structures are unsafe to use and need a complete overhaul.

Patient relocation

The patients that were staying in the hospital up to the 29 th December have been relocated to hospitals in Zagreb and the Neuropsychiatric hospital in Popovača. There are currently only 70 patients admitted in the General Hospital Sisak. At its full capacity, the complex can take up to 500 patients.
Most infirmaries are currently working, although with some difficulty, given that a large number of medical equipment has been damaged or made irretrievable by the earthquake. Patients are redirected to Zagreb, Karlovac, Bjelovar and other cities for medical examinations.

Financial support

Given our long-term collaboration on a variety of clinical studies, Optimapharm has decided to donate 100,000.00 HRK to the General Hospital in Sisak, to show our support to all hospital personnel and patients battling the current conditions. We are hopeful that this donation will help the hospital reach its full potential once again, and to be able to provide all the necessary medical services without any difficulties.
The Head of the Hospital, Mr. Tomislav Dujmenović, MD, states that the complete renovation of the complex is going to take years to complete, given sufficient funding. Additional help in acquiring medical devices and equipment that has been damaged in the earthquake will also be needed, which is why, in addition to the forementioned donation, Optimapharm employees are going to be collecting funds in order to purchase new EKG machines, as well as 100 volumetric infusion pumps for the Hospital.
Left to right: Anamaria Džoja Horvat, Vice President Clinical Project Management at Optimapharm; Gordana Gregurić Čičak, Chief Operating Officer at Optimapharm, Tomislav Dujmenović, Head of GH Sisak; Ana Stojković, Senior Clinical Operations Director at Optimapharm.

“I would like to thank Optimapharm for this visit, on behalf of all the hospital staff. The donation as well as the support they provided means a great deal and helps us not feel so alone in these difficult times. Your support is greatly appreciated, not only by the Hospital, but by the entire County.”

Tomislav Dujmenović, MD

Working together

Optimapharm would like to take this opportunity to encourage all our Clients and Partners to join us in providing support to the General Hospital in Sisak, as well as the entire Sisak-Moslavina area, in whichever way they find appropriate. We believe that, through mutual efforts and collaboration, we can help make a difference and help make the lives of the people affected by these earthquakes at least somewhat easier.

“I wanted to say thank you for your superb support and collaboration this year. I am looking forward to work with you in 2019 as it is a pleasure to work with you and your team.”

Senior Manager Partner

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