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Areas of expertise

Our deep local knowledge and renowned delivery focus is complemented by in-house experience and expertise in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. This is supported by close relationships with our trusted global network of key opinion leaders.

Oncology and Haematology

The oncology, haemato-oncology and haematology trials in various indications represent the largest portion of clinical trials conducted by Optimapharm.

Having more than 15 years of continuous experience in these therapeutic areas and after rescuing recruitment on many complex oncology and haemato-oncology trials phases 2 and 3 in Europe, we are proud on our a highly educated,experienced and pro-active clinical research teams, as well trusted and strong relationships with a global roster of key opinion leaders, to support the study execution.
Our strong presence in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe benefits both sponsors and patients. Malignant diseases are the number two cause of death in these areas.
We have close relationships specialised oncology and haemato-oncology centres with proven high quality and outstanding recruitment potential. Many of these are centralised university hospitals covering large patient populations. This means we can confidently predict effective selection and activation of high-performance sites for your clinical development programs.


Years average experience of Clinical Project Managers in this indication


Sites enrolled specialist oncology centres


Patients recruited



Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: 183% recruitment target
Head & Neck Cancer: 110% recruitment target. Completed 1.5 years early
Metastatic Melanoma: 130% recruitment target


Over the last 15 years we have participated in some of the most renowned clinical development programs in the fields of psychiatry and neurology – helping to bring some of the leading medicines to market.

Sites that we have chosen, activated and managed have also been instrumental in rescuing recruitment targets for globally significant trials, including challenging paediatric CNS indications.
Our therapeutic area experience includes the following indications: Alzheimer’s Disease; Bipolar Disorder; Major Depression; Multiple Sclerosis; Schizophrenia; Paediatric Schizophrenia & Bipolar Disorder.
Our success is founded on our leading presence in the Adriatic region – a territory with a long and proven track record of high recruitment and quality data. High prevalence and rate of new diagnosis combine with a lack of full treatment options due to budgetary constraints in some areas. This presents a considerable opportunity for active clinical trials to deliver significant benefit patients and their families.</h5
We have established collaborative site relationships across the region with excellent recruitment potential.</h5


sites enrolled experienced sites


Patients recruited



Acute Depressive Episodes: 100% recruitment target
Adolescent Schizophrenia: 135% recruitment target
Paediatric Schizophrenia & Bipolar Disorder: 250% recruitment target. 75% reduction in duration


Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe are our core target areas for patient recruitment. Here, due to prevalent lifestyle and dietary habits, cardiovascular diseases are the number one case of death and 48% of adults suffer from arterial hypertension.

We have established collaborative relationships with highly experienced sites, most of which are part of large university centres with thousands of daily outpatients. We are confident in their proven recruitment potential to expedite your cardiovascular study.


specialised centres



10 000+

Patients recruited

Acute Coronary Syndrome study rescue: 57 sites, 5 countries, 5 weeks
Acute Coronary Syndrome study rescue: 649 patients, 4 months early
Acute Coronary Syndrome study rescue: 39 pre study visits in 30 days
Acute Coronary Syndrome study rescue: Patient 1 screened in 24 hours


We cover regions with a high incidence of asthma and chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD) including bronchitis and emphysema. In most countries within South-Eastern Europe, modern treatments for these diseases are not fully reimbursed, so patients are eager to participate in trials.

The region offers specialized pulmonary clinics with a proven track record of delivery high numbers of patients for major international programs. The majority of these clinics are located in university hospitals covering large patient populations.
The excellent quality of our work in this field has been assessed and confirmed by independent auditors and regulators.


Sites enrolled


Patients recruited

Asthma: 200% recruitment target

Endocrine and Metabolic

The incidence of diabetes and other endocrinological conditions is rapidly increasing on a global scale. There are over 2.5 million patients diagnosed with Diabetes Type I and II in the countries covered by us.

As health budgets are limited in these areas, patients have limited access to modern treatments such as insulins, DPP-4 inhibitors and GLP1 agonists, so they are eager to participate in clinical trials.
We acquired an in-house diabetes clinical team, with a cumulative experience of over 100 studies, from a leading pharmaceutical company. Our region of operation also offers highly specialised metabolic disease centres and dedicated diabetologists with an exemplary track record of collaboration in successful clinical trials.


Sites enrolled


Patients recruited


Rare metabolic disorders

Diabetes Type II: 120% recruitment target
Pediatric diabetes Type II: 160% recruitment target. 33% reduction in duration

Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Infectious diseases present one of the biggest challenges for global health, particularly in the midst of the pandemic outbreaks as COVID-19. The need for safe and effective treatments and vaccines is essential. Despite the efforts of the scientists, health system continues to express concerns for novel therapeutics to treat drug-resistant infections.

Our experienced team is leveraging strong presence in Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe, to deliver high quality data for your clinical development strategy. We conducted studies in wide range of indications, which includes vaccines, antibacterials, antivirals, antifungals, and pneumonia.
Since the COVID-19 breakout Optimapharm has been participating in a clinical trial to assess antithrombotic treatment vs. prophylaxis in patients admitted at hospital for COVID with a high risk of thromboembolic event.


Sites enrolled


Patients recruited

Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia: 4 sites recruited 17,6% globally, 2 FDA inspections without findings