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Oncology Expertise and Experience

The oncology trials in various indications represent the largest portion of clinical trials conducted by Optimapharm.

Oncology CRO Expert

Having more than 18 years of continuous experience in these therapeutic areas and after rescuing recruitment on many complex oncology and haemato-oncology trials phases II and III in Europe, we are proud on our a highly educated, experienced and pro-active clinical research teams, as well trusted and strong relationships with a global roster of key opinion leaders, to support the study execution.

We have close relationships specialised oncology and haemato-oncology centres with proven high quality and outstanding recruitment potential. Many of these are centralised university hospitals covering large patient populations. This means we can confidently predict effective selection and activation of high-performance sites for your clinical development programs.

380 Studies conducted

73% of Phase II and Phase III
Oncology clinical studies by Phase

Relationship with

380+ sites


Close collaboration with

270+ sites

20+ indications

Optimapharm’s top 5 indications in carcinomas and leukemias
Top 5 Optimapharm indications in carcinomas and leukemias

300+ Staff members with
oncology experience

Optimapharm oncology clinical studies staff experience


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