Who we are

The CRO you can rely on

Since our inception in 2006, our mission and values remain the same, being the foundation of how Optimapharm collaborate with all its stakeholders and making Optimapharm the trusted and reliable partner you wish to engage and coorporate with.


Leading mid-sized, full-service CRO across Europe and North America focussed on our People, consistent quality delivery to our Clients, and supporting the development of new therapies to improve and save Patients lives.


These are the promises we make to ourselves and to you.

We believe that the key to a successful, close and collaborative relationship is trust, based on clear and consistent communication. We will listen attentively to your needs and articulate ourselves with straightforward candour and honesty. This provides a robust foundation of shared understanding where everyone’s expectations are met or managed and issues are resolved quickly and openly.

We keep our promises. We possess the experience, knowledge and expertise to make sure we are efficient, dependable, realistic and fair. We are prepared to earn our position as your trusted partner through reliable delivery against agreed project goals. We have the experience and expertise you expect, so you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.

We always see ourselves as part of your team – as invested in the successful outcome of your clinical trial as you are. We recognise the value of close partnership and teamwork for mutual benefit. We complement your specialist knowledge, understanding and expertise with our own in pursuit of shared goals.

Our planning process is thorough and meticulous. It allows us to tailor-make research programs to exactly meet the specific requirements of your clinical trial. We remain responsive and adaptable making sure that each component of a program delivers accurate, relevant and appropriate outcomes.